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here is a corner of a room that has a penis and balls

i have truly posted some things online

to the windowto the wallsto the corner dick and balls
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That was so beautiful
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Just imagine if Sirius had raised Harry…
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*pulls out phone* “hey check out this meme”

"woah, don’t you know liking memes isn’t cool???"

"aha it’s a metaphor. i like the meme but i never press the reblog button. put it in your likes but never give it the power to ruin your blog"

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Cats come in both liquid and solid form.
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Animated art gif

squint at it when you look at it

this is incredible
If they don’t like you who the fuck cares.
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This is probably the coolest GIF I’ve ever seen.

now there’s some perspective.

I once saw a storm roll like this once. It was beautiful.